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Hello friends and thank you for stopping by to get to know La Petite Learning Center!  To get better acquainted, let’s share a little history about where we’ve been and where we’re going…all to serve you! 

La Petite opened in February 2014, quickly became and remains a premiere childcare option for the community of West Baton Rouge.  Despite many challenges brought on in 2020 and 2021, La Petite has grown quite a bit!  A new location in Gonzales opened in December 2021 to serve the community of Ascension Parish.  Also, a newly constructed facility in Port Allen opened in August 2022 to add more of our services in West Baton Rouge Parish. 

La Petite is excited to have a greater presence in the West Baton Rouge area, as well as a new center in Ascension.  At La Petite, you’ll be safely surrounded by love and learning in an environment managed by folks that have a sincere passion for the development of little ones.  If you’re looking for the perfect place to learn, play and make new friends, you’ve found it in La Petite!  We offer an environment that’s safe, educational and fun, with challenging activities that are perfectly balanced with development. 

So please take a little more time to get to know us better. Contact us today to learn more or call to schedule a tour.  We’re always ready to make new friends and we look forward to meeting you!  Until then… see ya later, alligator!


Inspiring Creativity & Nurturing Excellence.

We foster excellence, nurturing, and creative individual learning in our culturally diverse classrooms.


Our curriculum is well rounded and includes integration of environmental and fine art elements
Our teachers are creative professional educators who emphasize differentiated instruction
We emphasize 21st Century academic and developmental skills


Our students are encouraged to celebrate differences in traditions, beliefs, and social behaviors
Our classrooms are culturally diverse
Our teachers are facilitators and not instructors
Students are allowed to bring their own books and are encouraged to share stories, thoughts, and ideas
Our faculty maintains a strict level of sensitivity to language concerns
Students receive positive reinforcements proportionally to their accomplishments
Our faculty is knowledgeable and sensitive to all health issues and needs of the students


Our students are encouraged to explore and experiment through play, arts, and academics
Our classes have centers to garner new ideas through learning
Our students are encouraged to find creative solutions to social interactions
Teachers use scaffolding technics during reading time (circle time) to encourage creative thoughts
Students are encouraged to solve problems creatively at school and at home


Our curriculum encompasses the teachings of tolerance and values
We encourage our students to cherish the greatness of our Country
Our students are exposed to great artists, athletes, and national and community leaders
School’s fine art program aims to intrigue freedom of expression

La Petite Maison les and it's Little Ones 

Parent's Testimonials

Some of the Moms & Dads share their experience about us

Thank you for running a great center. My little girl loves to go to school. My little boy lights up when he sees your staff. The Director is doing amazing with staff. I don’t worry about my kids while I am at work because I know they are in the right place being fully loved and care for as well as learning about the world around them. Thank you for all you do! (LS, 5/23)
The week he started , my husband got called out for work in Arizona for THREE weeks! I was already a an anxious bundle of nerves about how he was going to adjust to a new school (even with some familiar faces), but now it was going to be just her and me! All that to say, transitions aren’t easy, but all of you have done so much to make this difficult time easier for us. There’s not enough I can do to thank you! (5/23)
At a time where we needed someone to help care for our son when my mom was no longer able, I prayed for a place that would be safe, clean, fun and genuinely loving. My husband and I felt at peace and know God led us to La Petite and that he would be in a good environment. You all helped make this transition to daycare so smooth for us. We are forever grateful. (5/23)

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