They grow up fast!!! Children are constantly learning and developing.  Besides family and friends, caregivers witness so much growth and development of children in their care. Each child is surrounded with love and care everyday while every need is tended.  Caregivers document the growth and development of children and encourage them to explore the world around them.

At La Petite, we recognize that each child grows and develops in a unique way reaching milestones at different paces.  As caregivers we are there to provide guidance and respond to their every need at every age.

Our curriculum will focus on the development of many different skills. Areas of concentration include early literacy, logical thinking, problem solving, social understanding, physical coordination, creativity and positive character traits.


Our attention is focused on making sure your infant receives the best environment to promote healthy development.


We pay close attention to these little explorers to work on their mobility, also stimulating them to do other activities as well

1 Year Olds

We are focused on caring for their emotional development as a one year old, all while helping them continue to learn and grow and reach their milestones.

2 Year Olds

We encourage them to figure out new things and grow in their understanding in their environment.

3 Year Olds

We enable and promote an invigorating environment to help with the ability to make their own choices and growing in their decision making skills.

4 Year Olds

We focus on preparing our fours to succeed in the transition from daycare setting to a school structured environment.

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