1 Year Olds

Your little bundle is now 1 and transitioning from baby phase to toddler phase. He is likely very active, and you’ll notice new developments with his abilities. While children progress at different rates, you may look for many of the following milestones at this stage: Walks alone, starts to run, squats then stands, sits in a small chair, holds on while climbing stairs, dances with music, plays with push/pull toys, builds block towers, throws a ball overhand, assembles a few puzzle pieces, scribbles in straight lines or circles, feeds self with fingers and starts using a spoon, drinks from a cup, assists with dressing self, teeth appear and naps once per day and sleeps longer periods or through the night. So many changes are happening, and children of this age are extra curious. They are exploring the world around them more than ever before. They’re getting more independent and may venture off from their grown up a little bit. However, separation anxiety can be stronger at this age too. During goodbyes at drop off time, we encourage Moms and Dads to show their love and let their little one know that they’ll be back later.

At La Petite, our staff is aware of these milestones and will work with each and every child to support healthy development. Regular activities in our 1-year old rooms involve the following (& more!): story time having books read and illustrations shown, regular communication with words to help vocabulary development, recognizing common objects and main body parts, learning shapes, counting, patterns, building puzzles, learning colors, animals, using rolling toys, dancing and singing with music, using paint brushes, crayons, playdough, engaging in play time with peers, learning basic courtesies involving personal space, sharing, kindness and adapting to structure and routine.

At La Petite, we refer to our children aged one through three as toddlers.  They’re able to explore even more now that they’re mobile experts and they’re beginning to understand the world around them better than ever before.  For example, they can name a dog in a magazine, assemble things and follow direction.  As caregivers we will continue to encourage motor skills.

Here are just some of the things you can expect of La Petite as it relates to the development of your toddler:

  • Enhance large motor skills through activities like jumping, crawling and playing ball
  • Promote learning through language by talking with them about real time activities (what they’re doing, what you’re doing, etc.)
  • Play music, sing and dance
  • Paint with the children
  • Allow them to organize their toys, count and sort them and identify characteristics about them (color, shape, etc.)
  • Introduce and assist with potty training

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