2 Year Olds

Growing up comes with constant changes and by the time your child reaches age 2, you’re noticing so much more about their abilities and personalities. In this stage, many of the milestones you may see include the following: walks and runs well, jumps (maybe awkwardly), throws, kicks and catches balls, stands on one foot, climbs structures, turns knobs and lids, shows signs of right or left handedness, builds higher towers, has good finger/thumb control and turns pages one by one, appetite decreases, drinks through a straw, shows control of bladder and bowels, naps during the day and sleeps through the night, interacts with others socially, uses words to communicate, knows genders, age and name, counts objects, expresses possession, says “mine,” “no,” and may throw tantrums as a form of self-expression, may struggle to understand sharing, plays with others and independently next to others and continues to help getting self dressed and undressed.

At La Petite, our staff will help your child in the age-appropriate areas of all stages. With our two-year olds, your child will be encouraged to describe things, answer questions, tell stories or portions of stories, recognize patterns that repeat, draw shapes, count, sort similar objects, identify colors, create and investigate, learn about weather and calendars (days, months, seasons, etc.), make rhythmic music with percussion, create art with scissors, glue, playdough crayons and paint, follow instructions and share with friends, develop gross motor skills with dance, running, riding bikes, sliding, climbing and hopping, and enhance fine motor skills with painting, scribbling, tapping and clapping hands.

At La Petite, we refer to our children aged one through three as toddlers.  They’re able to explore even more now that they’re mobile experts and they’re beginning to understand the world around them better than ever before.  For example, they can name a dog in a magazine, assemble things and follow direction.  As caregivers we will continue to encourage motor skills.

Here are just some of the things you can expect of La Petite as it relates to the development of your toddler:

  • Enhance large motor skills through activities like jumping, crawling and playing ball
  • Promote learning through language by talking with them about real time activities (what they’re doing, what you’re doing, etc.)
  • Play music, sing and dance
  • Paint with the children
  • Allow them to organize their toys, count and sort them and identify characteristics about them (color, shape, etc.)
  • Introduce and assist with potty training

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