La Petite is committed to making sure your children are cared for in a safe and secure environment. They are precious to us as well!  Aside from our focus on development, we will assure that your child is always safe! We accomplish this by maintaining a secure environment at all times.

Trained Staff
La Petite employees are trained to maintain a safe environment for the children and staff within the center.  Rest assured that your children are in the care of people that know just what to do, whether it’s “just a regular day” or in the rare instance of an emergent situation.

Access to Center
Access to the center is granted by biometric recognition (fingerprint reading).  During enrollment, your fingerprints are scanned into our system.  Entry to the center is granted when our technology recognizes your fingerprint as an authorized person.  All visitors are required to check in with photo identification and access is granted only with director authorization.

Camera Surveillance
Our center is equipped with camera surveillance, both indoors and outdoors.  Each classroom and the outside parameter of the center are monitored with video surveillance.  La Petite administration monitors these cameras throughout each day. 

Text Messaging Technology
La Petite is equipped to notify you via text message of any urgent matter within or near the center.  We are grateful for this technology.  In the event of an emergency situation, our text messaging ability will be much faster than trying to reach our families by calling.


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