Our attention is focused on making sure your infant receives the best environment to promote healthy development.  Our infant teachers will seize every opportunity to create a learning moment with your child.  Whether it’s singing during diaper changes, stimulating movement, playing with others, reaching, grasping, supervised tummy time or cooing, the teacher will take advantage of each moment presented, and take the time to show the infant a calm and relaxed environment.

The physical environment for the infant will provide a clean and healthy area that fits infant activities.  Shoes are prohibited from the area at all times in an effort to minimize the spread of dirt and germs.  The only individuals allowed in the infant room include the infant, center staff and the individual dropping off or picking up the infant.

Infant growth is constantly stimulated as they begin to explore the world around them.  Interactions with the infants at La Petite are always calm in nature.  Special time is taken with each baby to assure a relaxed experience where the primary focus is on the baby receiving care.

Here are just some of the things we do at La Petite to facilitate our nurturing environment:

  • Infants are frequently presented with different views of the environment around them.
  • Objects such as mobiles are placed near the babies to aid in stimulating their sight and focus.
  • “Tummy Time” is facilitated by placing babies on their tummies while the caregiver supervises.  This helps to build neck and shoulder muscle strength.
  • Babies are shown various pictures of animals and other things found in the world.
  • Items with different textures are presented to the babies to enhance the sense of touch.
  • Babies are spoken to in a loving way and receive plenty of smiles from their caregiver.
  • Songs are sung to babies regularly.  Lullabies are often played.

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