We’re proud of La Petite and want you to be proud to call us your childcare center of choice!  When you walk into La Petite, we want you to feel welcomed, comfortable and assured that your child is in a great environment.  In addition to our security features, we put a lot of focus on the cleanliness, access and appearance of our center.  All of these great features help set us apart and make us a wonderful facility.

Clean Environment
Maintaining a clean environment and minimizing the spread of germs are of great importance to us.  To that end, we continuously clean the center, toys and equipment throughout each day.  This is also why shoes are not allowed in our infant and wobbler rooms.  Proper hand washing techniques are enforced with all children and staff, particularly before eating and after restroom visits. In fact, each classroom has its own hand washing station!

Open Door Policy
At La Petite, we want parents to be engaged in their child’s daily care and activities.  Parents are welcome to visit the center at any time during regular business hours and particularly during special events throughout the year.  These visits are opportunities for us to build solid communication and strong relationships. Other great features of La Petite are the observation windows of our classrooms.  These provide parents a chance to “peek in” anytime from the hallway of the center!

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